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Current Sermon Series: Good News of Great Joy

Good News of Great Joy - November 19 - December 24

After 400 years of silence, God broke the silence around the year 4 BC.  He told the most unlikely of people that he was coming back.  God was going to visit his people but he was going to do it in an unexpected way: his Son was going to be born to a humble virgin.  When his Son was born, God sent angelic messengers to tell a group of shepherds about the birth which they called good news of great joy.

The announcement of Jesus' birth at Christmas time is "good news of great joy."  Why is this so?  From November 19th to December 17th, we will be answering this question from The Gospel According to Luke.  On Christmas Eve (December 24th), we will hold a Christmas Eve service with carols, candles, and the story of Jesus' birth.  This service will last 1 hour and childcare will be available for kids younger than kindergarten.

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